Get the Cost-Effective Storage Solution You Need

Let us build an industrial cold room on your property

When your company is in need of an efficient industrial space, High Kaliber Construction LLC can build the cold room you need. Our goal is to create a quality structure that is cost effective and energy efficient. Our experienced crew pays attention to detail to ensure your cold room serves the purpose you need. We can create your structure on a concrete slab and use concrete footings to make sure it is structurally sound.

What is a cold room? A cold room pumps out oxygen and keeps the room cold so apples and other fruit can stay fresh for up to one year.

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We’ll build a cold room to your specifications

We’ll build a cold room to your specifications

Once you know you need a cold room and have the property picked out, we’ll meet with you to discuss the details of the construction. We want to be sure we know:

  • What the room will be used for
  • How much space you’ll require
  • How many bins will need to fit inside

We’ll go over the pricing on materials and make sure all permits are approved for your local area. We’ll also make sure the cold room’s interior is sealed before construction is finished.

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